Lengua: otros

the motions




we keep on living with the cold by thinking it could be even colder

than that, and that it has been, and that it will be


you say we’ll cross those bridges when we get to them but how

much of your pocket money are you betting

that there will be bridges at all?

a bridge implies someone has been there first

which is seldom the case, when you’re context-specific enough


if there is no bridge, will you

stretch across the gap and let us walk

on your back? (and that is not

a rhetorical question) how much

weight do you estimate your common wisdom can hold?


we try to think of a life that’s not based

on negotiating with all the other numbers on the thermometer

but it sounds so much less worth the effort after descartes proved for sure

(and with zero empirical data, mind you) that a human will never conceive

of anything that didn’t already exist in the first place


i’m often kelly kapoor from the office who says i’m

really smart now, you could ask me kelly

what’s the biggest company in the world and i’d be like

blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah

giving you the exact right answer


i’m often lynette scavo from

desperate housewives who said the only thing that’s worse than just

going through the motions to keep

romance going is not even bothering to go through

the motions.


Lengua: otros